1 kg Soap Logs

True Purple soap with Black amber and lavender fragrance 
This soap is sensual on your skin. The fragrance adds depth and sophistication, it blends rustic Amber with bold Parisian Lavender. Combined with these main scents is a mysterious Black Myrrh, dulcet vanilla, Tonka bean, and a splash of Egyptian Musk. This sensual and comforting fragrance is rounded out with a touch of raw Clary Sage resulting in an earthy concoction with hints of sweetness and pleasing floral notes.
Green speckles in the lagoon with Lime cooler fragrance 
This soap is soft and refreshing on your skin. The fragrance contains a tropical citrus and fruit delight and begins with notes of tart lime, refreshing orange and crisp apple. The fruity floral heart is a rose and black currant drying to a sweet vanilla plum.