About Vern's Treats
Vern's Treats was established in September 2015.
I have been creative since I was young, but I never made time for what I enjoyed. I had spent ten years living on the northern beaches of Sydney, solely focusing on my career in the software and finance industry. I was encouraged to take up my hobbies again in my pastime, one thing lead to another, and Vern's Treats was born. 

I make a selection of homemade artisan soaps, a wide range of scented candles, and carefully handcrafted throws, blankets and scarves. I also take you on an inspiring journey with my blogs.

You'll never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do.
Being a frugal kiwi, I try to pass onto my clients the most cost effective products in a few ways:

-   FREE national shipping on ALL soap logs
-   You get to cut the soap logs into the size you like and this service is not charged or encorporated in the cost of the soap
-   You are able to choose your own bags, ribbons, and tags at a low cost from your local $2 store which means that you have complete               control of your theme
-   Best deals for buying bulk and saving $$$